People from Halifax Will Remember This…

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Nowadays, most of us take gas central heating for granted, and when it breaks down it can be your worst nightmare. But if we look back at the 1940s, 50s and 60s, then things were a little different.

Warming tin baths in front of the coal fire for the whole family to bathe in, or warming cast iron or copper kettles for water, with the added chore of having to get the coal fire going first, panning water into the tin bath, then the long wait until it’s warm enough to bathe in.

Today, instant hot water is a given for most homes, letting people people get used to life’s little pleasures, like taking a nice long bath, being very convenient. However, we still find some elderly Halifax customers that, even today, don’t have instant hot water or central heating.

Why? Well, this can be down to a mixture of reasons, like cost of works, cost of fuel (whether gas or electric) or disruption to property.

Some people have even simply just become used to the cold weather, and put on extra layers of clothing to compensate. However, this can become harder and more dangerous for the older customers, and getting central heating or instant hot water installed is really important.

What we can do today

As well as central heating and instant hot water, new technologies mean that we can now identify if your boiler has developed a fault remotely! We can know before our customers do that there’s a fault, and we can reboot the system to try and fix it, or identify the failing part and be on your doorstep with the replacement part in just a few hours.

There’s even renewable technologies that draw in heat from the air or the ground! These renewable technologies can save you money, too – for example, for every £1.00 of energy used to heat the house, you’ll benefit from £4.00 of energy with a 400% energy efficient air source heat pump.

It doesn’t cost as much as you think

Newer technologies and controls on systems now mean that it doesn’t have to cost the earth to stay warm, a little bit of knowledge and understanding can mean that everyone can stay warm for pennies, and only when they really feel the need to use the heating system or when the cold bites.

There’s even some funded options for customers so that they could potentially benefit from getting the installation done for free! This is subject to some conditions, though, and we would urge customers to contact us for more information.

So, if you have a family member that still sits at home with several layers of clothing on and condensation running down the windows, please get in touch and see if there’s something we can do to help.


Our engineers can carry out most works within a day, with very little disruption to the home – if not for the toasty temperature, you’d never know we’d been there! Why not get a quote today and see what we can do?