How to Prepare Your Home for Your Central Heating Engineer

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When it comes to preparing for your heating system to be installed, having your boiler swapped, or even your system upgraded, then there are a few things that should be done prior to the engineers arriving on the day. It’s nothing major – there’s just a few things you can do to make sure central heating engineers can be in and out as quickly as possible, with minimum possible disruption to you and your home.

Prepare the working area

We can usually install a full central heating system with up to eight radiators in just one day, and this is achieved by using three skilled plumbing and heating engineers. Generally, the surveyor will inform you of the working locations and areas that will need to be free from obstruction.

Any precious belongings or expensive ornaments should be moved to a safe and suitable location to prevent any accidental damage occurring. You might also want to put down a sheet to protect carpets and floors.

Don’t worry if you have some heavy furniture that you can’t move – the engineers will be more than happy to move these items for you on the day, and move them back when they’re done.

Plan your day

On most occasions, families will usually plan a day out of the house, or be at work, while the bulk of the installation is going on, returning home at teatime to a house with a shiny new boiler or heating system that’s also been put back to the same condition it was prior to the arrival of the engineers.

However, it’s not always possible to be out – or you might not want to be! This isn’t a problem, as we can work around any situation, but we would advise that you make sure you have enough fresh water for throughout the day, as the water will be turned off when the engineers arrive, and will most likely not be turned back on until later that day. It’s usually best to fill up a couple of jugs or bottles ready, just in case.

During the colder periods and winter months, our engineers are equipped with electric room heaters that they will let you use while heating is off or being installed, so there’s no need to be cold throughout the duration of the work.

But it will probably useful to plan what you’ll be having for breakfast, dinner, and at teatime, as the gas will also be turned off for most of the day until the work has been completed – so access to gas hobs and cookers etc. will not be possible. However, if you have an electric cooker or electric hob, then this won’t affect you.

Don’t worry about the clean-up

Don’t worry about mess around the house – the work generally does mean that quite a few areas will be affected, but the engineers will put everything back where it belongs. They’ll put the carpets back down, wipe down any surfaces, and vacuum the areas they’ve been working on, so your property will look just like it did before we arrived.

Get the kettle on!

That’s about it, really! Whether you’re planning to be in or out, any good central heating engineer will make sure there’s as little possible disruption to your home and your day while carrying out your work. Just remember to stick the kettle on before we turn the water off – milk and one sugar please!


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – or you can get a boiler quote online today.