Certified Flow Boiler Suppliers

At WYGS, we are proud to be a certified supplier of the Flow Eco RF boiler – a unique boiler that generates electricity as it heats your home.

It sometimes seems difficult to compare boilers – there are always a lot of pros and cons, but to the average person they can all seem to be more or less the same. They all heat your home, let you set timers – the usual.

But the Flow Eco RF is different. It does things no other boiler does, and delivers benefits no other boiler can. It stands out heads and shoulders above the crowd and is right at the cutting edge of how good a heating system can be.

The Flow boiler is the world’s first affordable electricity-generating boiler for the home – it’s the same size as a regular boiler, and fits onto the wall in the same way, but its revolutionary technology uses heat from the boiler to generate electricity as well as heating your home.

Why go with the Flow?

  • Up to 40% lower gas bills than with an older boiler
  • Up to 10% more efficient than other A-rated boilers
  • Up to 20% lower carbon emissions
  • Remote control by smartphone
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Amazing reliability of 20 years
  • Small number of component parts, meaning faults are less likely
  • Condenses 100% of the time in both heating and hot water mode
  • Exceptional flow rate, even in low pressure areas
  • Guaranteed hot water, even if heating fails
  • Automatic weather compensation via Weather Channel link
  • Can come bundled with home energy for the biggest savings

If you have any questions about the Flow boiler, or would like a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’ll be happy to help.

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