is my boiler compatible with nest?

Is my Boiler Compatible with Smart Heating Systems?

The future is here when it comes to your heating! Smart heating systems let you control your temperature via your smartphone or tablet – and there are some great cost saving benefits to be had. This is particularly handy for when you’ve realised you’ve left the heating on while you’re out and are far away […]

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Do I need a new boiler?

Even the best boiler will become temperamental over the years, and will eventually break down for good. We all know that sinking feeling when your boiler catches you unawares and gives up the ghost just as a cold snap’s on the way, so get to know the warning signs of a boiler that’s on the […]

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How much does plumbing cost?

How much should you pay a plumber?

When there’s something wrong with your plumbing – a leaky pipe or a dripping tap – or you’re working on an upgrade, like a new sink, there’s always the temptation to try it yourself. And while it is possible to work out small jobs with the help of some YouTube tutorials, sometimes it really is […]

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Which Boiler is suitable for your home

Which Boiler is Right for Your House?

When it comes to choosing a new boiler, there’s plenty of options out there – and it can be difficult to know exactly where to start. Everyone’s home is a little bit different – the environment, age of the house, number of radiators, and the size of your family can all influence your boiler needs. […]

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Heating Solutions in Halifax

People from Halifax Will Remember This…

Nowadays, most of us take gas central heating for granted, and when it breaks down it can be your worst nightmare. But if we look back at the 1940s, 50s and 60s, then things were a little different. Warming tin baths in front of the coal fire for the whole family to bathe in, or […]

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Central heating

Heat Your House For Less

You can never really rely on good old British weather – even in summer, you might find yourself needed to stick the heating on when it’s particularly overcast out. But in autumn and winter, keeping the heating on is usually a total necessity. But finding the balance between staying warm through the winter months and […]

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