The real cost of a boiler installation

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How much should it cost to have a new boiler installed? With everyone offering different models and a different service, it’s hard to tell what the best deal really is. This means it’s unfortunately all too easy to have the wool pulled over your eyes when looking for a reputable company to install your heating – and to honour the price quoted for the works.

More and more we’re hearing from customers that had previously received quotes for works, only to see them spiral out of control when it came to receiving their final invoice. Usually this is all down to the fact that, when the initial survey was conducted, it wasn’t looked at through the eyes of a Gas Safe industry professional, and was simply surveyed by an extremely good sales person.

We only use Gas Safe professionals to conduct our surveys and that means a lot to our customers when it comes to getting the job done to a high standard, on-time, and to the agreed cost. You can rest assured that the work we’re quoting is what you need – no added extras!

What should you ask before you agree to a boiler quote?

There’s plenty to watch out for when looking for someone to provide you with a new gas central heating boiler. Here are a few questions you should always ask about your quote:

  • Have they included the magnetic filter?
  • Have they included flushing the heating system?
  • What controls will you be getting? Sometimes customers end up with very cheap and nasty controls that are so difficult for them to operate that they end up having to pay somebody else to return and install new controls!
  • Has the surveyor explained about the work involved in removing the back boiler, if you have one? Once this back boiler, located behind your fire, has been disconnected, then the fire will also have to be disconnected and will not be safe to use again. This means you may also need to give consideration to the cost of a new fireplace and fire, something that probably wasn’t in your original budget!

Our promise

At WYGS, you’ll receive outstanding customer service, unbelievable quality of workmanship, and excellent value for money. We say exactly what we’re going to do, and make sure that nothing is overlooked. The works you are quoted for is exactly what you pay. Anything overlooked by us when we quote will not come at the cost of our customers.

So, how much should my boiler installation cost?

We would say that the average cost of a new gas condensing combination boiler shouldn’t be any more than £1450 + VAT, and should include all the necessary equipment, controls, and the Gas Safe engineer and electrician’s time to complete the boiler exchange.

The job should also take no more than the day to complete all the works, and your home should not look any different from when the engineers first arrive.

By asking the right questions, you can make sure you’re getting a good deal – and if you need any advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!