Generate solar power, and store it for later use

When you install solar panels for your home, you may find that you're generating more energy than you'll actually need on a day-to-day basis – which is by no means a bad problem to have!

If this is the case, you have two options. You can sell unused energy back to the national grid – often for just a few pence per unit, but you might be surprised how quickly this will add up to knock a sizeable chunk off your energy bills – or you can store it for later use in a battery.

What are the benefits of a solar PV battery?

Solar PV battery storage essentially allows you to use more of your solar PV system‘s output, reducing the amount of grid electricity you need to buy, and saving you money.

While solar panels don’t need constant, direct sunlight to work, the more sunlight your panels are exposed to, the more energy they’ll generate. On a sunny day you might generate far more power than you need – on a particularly overcast day you might generate a bit less.

With a battery, you can take complete control of your energy supply, storing electricity for when it’s needed most – which can be a big help at night, and in the UK’s very changeable climate!

How does a solar PV battery work?

During the day, your solar panels will generate solar electricity. If you have a battery storage system, it will check if all the generation is being used to power your lights and appliances. If you’re not using all the electricity that the solar PV system is generating, then the system will ensure that any surplus energy is used to charge the battery. Once the battery is fully charged, any extra energy generated can be exported to the grid, or diverted to other uses, such as an immersion heater.

At night, or on particularly overcast days, your solar panels will have a reduced output – so the battery can discharge your stored energy, providing you with renewable electricity and no additional cost.

Why choose WYGS?

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