Case Study: Air Source Heat Pump Installation By Mitsubishi

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A case study from our partners at Mitsubishi Electric demonstrates the technology behind air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps are a fantastic source of renewable energy, extracting heat from the air and converting it into energy for a home.

While this implies that they need warm and sunny weather to work, much like solar panels, air source heat pumps can extract heat and generate energy at temperatures of well below 0°C, making them an ideal energy source all year round.

For housing authorities, landlord associations and other organisations responsible for a large number of properties, there’s an increasing pressure to move towards renewable technologies that reduce a home’s carbon footprint, as well as a need to save tenants money on their fuel bills in order to reduce fuel poverty.

Our partners, Mitsubishi Electric, recently supported the installation of 450 air source heat pumps for Berneslai Homes, who manage around 19,000 homes on behalf of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (MBC). A diverse mix of tenants, from young families to elderly dwellings, live in a diverse mix of homes in the area, with a number of the properties off-gas.

Berneslai Homes were looking to introduce alternatives to fossil fuels, and new technologies to replace older gas applications, electric storage heating in off-gas properties, and solid fuel appliances. Mitsubishi’s Ecodan pumps were chosen based on a combination of price, specification, ease of installation, the availability of training and development, technical and product support, and the efficiencies and ease of use for tenants.

The installation was rolled out gradually, with 150 installed by April 2014, with 300 more in the following financial year. Tenants were actively involved in decision-making processes regarding what would be changing in their homes, and were supported in using their new systems. On-going monitoring ensures that the heat pumps are working to maximum efficiency, and tenants are easily able to ask questions.

As a result of the installation, CO2 emissions have fallen – and so have tenant running costs.

At West Yorkshire Gas, Mitsubishi’s Ecodan air source heat pumps are just one of the renewable technologies we provide to private homeowners, housing associations, local authorities and landlords. Air source heat pumps can lower fuel bills, and can see the homeowner benefit from the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive scheme too.

If you have any questions about air source heat pumps or renewable energy, then we’re here to help – get in touch with us today to find out more.